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Therapy (Terapia de Parejas)

If you feel your relationship needs to be stronger, and closer or feel the relationship needs to re-establish the commitment you once had for each other?  Couple therapy can help you build a strong and fulfilling relationship.   If you feel there are difficulties when trying to communicate your needs to your partner, and oftentimes instead of feeling closer you end up withdrawing from the relationship?  If you are feeling unfulfilled and alone? Couple therapy can help you learn to communicate, by listening instead of hearing.  If you feel betrayed and hurt due to an affair?  Couple therapy can help the couple heal together.  Couple therapy can help bring unity instead of pulling away from each other, learning forgiveness and compassion.  Couple therapy can help the couple explore and evaluate what the future looks like.  If your partner has a spending habit, commitment issues, or extended family issues, and you feel overwhelmed with the relationship?  Couple therapy can help the couple evaluate the relationship, work toward commitment, learning to build trust, respect, and effective communication.   


Couple therapy can work for the two of you if both are willing to put in the work and the effort.

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