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My Approach

Throughout my years, I found one therapy modality does not fit all. There is no cookie-cutter for treatment.  Just like Play and Art therapy might work wonders for a child who is suffering trauma, temper tantrums, or hyperactivity.  The existential approach might be a useful technique for someone who has experienced the sudden loss of a loved one or has experienced unwanted changes in life or is trying to find meaning in his/her own existence.  A Person Center or narrative modality could be beneficial for someone who is experiencing ongoing depression, low self-esteem, or mood changes.


Solution focus modality could work well for someone who wants to focus on a solution rather than spend time exploring the inner self. Object Relations modality can be helpful for someone who might need to repair relational patterns,  identifying their own internal structure and transference.  However,  what I discovered throughout my career aside from therapeutic modalities, is to be present, genuinely supporting the person who is sitting in front of me.  To seek to understand and approach each person with the utmost respect and validation.   These essential golden rules have been universal skills that support someone the most. 

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