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Jaqueline Maria Ward-Licensed Psychotherapist/Mental Health Services


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Therapy Sessions
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My Approach

Throughout my years, I found one therapy modality does not fit all, there is no cookie-cutter for treatment.  Just like Play and Art therapy might work wonders for a child who is suffering trauma, temper tantrums, or hyperactivity.  The existential approach might be a useful technique for someone who has experienced the sudden loss of a loved one or has experienced unwanted changes in life or is trying to find meaning in his/her own existence.  A Person Center or narrative modality could be beneficial for someone who is experiencing ongoing depression, low self-esteem, or changes in mood.


Solution focus modality could work well for someone who wants to focus on a solution rather than spend time exploring the inner self. Object Relations modality can be helpful for someone who might need to repair relational patterns,  identifying their own internal structure and transference.  What I discovered throughout my career aside from these therapeutic modalities, is that an empathetic healing element along with compassion, and genuine support to the person who is sitting in front of me must be present.  To seek to understand and approach each person with the utmost respect and validation.   These essential golden rules have been a universal approach for me.

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About me

I am a licensed therapist with 13 ten years of counseling experience. Spent years working as a school base therapist, treated families and children who experienced trauma.  I am experienced treating couples, families, adults, adolescents and children. 


If you are experiencing problems finding peace at home, feel alone? Challenges processing feelings of grief and loss? sudden mood changes? self medicating? challenges maintaining a loving relationship with your spouse?  Your children are not cooperating? ongoing aggression and temper tantrums? You do not have to do it alone, call to make an appointment.

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Getting Help

At times when we are experiencing Anxiety, Depression, or feel hopeless? think there might not be a solution?  Taking the first step can be the hardest but also your bravest decision in life.  The moment that you face your darkest experience (anxiety, depression, anger,  fear, loss); is the moment that you decided to claim your life back.





Grief and Loss

Dolor y perdida







Control de

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Relational Issues

Problemas en sus Relaciones

Enjoying Outdoor
Enjoying Outdoor
"Never discourage anyone who continues to make progress no matter how low it is" 

"Nunca hay que desalentar a otro que continue progresando no importa que tan lento sea el progresso ".  -Plato
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